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Considerations When Filing a Case for Car Accident Injuries



Car accident injuries may affect your whole body, but there some injuries that more often than not lead to lawsuits. Here are the injuries and the lawsuits involved.


Brain injuries


An injury inside the head is known as traumatic brain injury. This injury can range from a minor concussion to life-threatening brain swelling within the skull or permanent brain damage. Traumatic brain injuries may occur without any sign of head injury such as bruises or cuts.


Spinal injuries


Two areas of the spine that most often get injured in vehicle accidents are at the lumbar spine found in the lower back and the cervical spine found in the neck. They may range from disc injuries that need surgery to strains or sprains.


Facial injuries


Facial injuries can result from almost anything from flying personal effects inside the car or shattered glass. Serious dental injuries may also occur in addition to temporomandibular joint injuries. Click here to consult the best lawyers online.


The lawsuits


When the parties fail to agree on who was at fault for the crash, or the extent and nature of the injuries claimed, a case is often filed. That case is known as a complaint. It has to be filed in time. If not, the plaintiff may be barred from pursuing damages forever. Once the lawsuit is filed and the party responsible for the crash is served, they will have a given amount of time within which to file a written response. After filing the written response here, the discovery process starts.




Each party will do discovery. This comprises obtaining medical as well as other records via subpoena along with oral and written questions that are put forward to witnesses under the oath. Oral discovery is done in depositions while written discovery is done through the help of interrogatories that are answered in writing.


Pretrial conferences


Once discovery is done with, the presiding judge and accident attorneys hold conferences. These are known as pretrial conferences, whose primary purpose is to cause settlement of the claim. Most cases are resolved before trial. A majority of personal injury claims are settled during pretrial conferences.




Trials can either be done through bench trials where a judge considers the evidence, delivers a verdict and grants damages, or through a jury trial where there's a presiding judge, the jury considers the evidence, delivers a verdict and grants damages.  Most auto accident trials are done through a jury featuring a defense attorney and a car accident attorney. If ever you are now narrowing your search down to a few attorneys, you can make use of the data at as reference for your interview to each one of these attorneys.